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Contact: Henry
Tel: 86-755-84572966
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E-mail: services@hixon-tech.com
Add: 16 North Jinlong Road, Pingshan New Area Shenzhen, China, 518118

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About us
Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China,Hixon is a company specializing in rechargable lithium ion battery and solution for energy storage.

Hixon has custom-designed more than 1000 sets of reliable and high performance Li-ion battery solutions for over 150 clients. Apart from Battery Pack Division, we also have Smart Car Charger and Electric Scooter Division in our industrial park.

Quality and Safety
Product quality and safety are our first priority at every stage of design, R&D and validation, which enable us to comply with all relevant national and international safety and quality standards such as UL, IEEE, GB, CE, IEC, KC, PSE, BSMI and more.

Competitive Price
Hixon is able to maintain good long-term relationships with our upstream suppliers over the years, also our knowledge in the battery field enable us to design and produce flexible cost-effective solutions for end customers.

Fast Response and Flexibility
Hixon is highly customer-oriented and can provide OEM/ODM services for Battery Pack, Car Chargers and Electric Scooter.