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RFS Announces Lithium-Ion Battery for Mobile Network Industry
Publish:Hixon(Shenzhen)Technology Limited|specializing in rechargable lithium ion battery and solution for energy storage  Time:2017-06-02
Feb 14, 2017 8:26 AM | by Editorial Staff | NO COMMENTS  (2017.2.14)
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global designer and manufacturer of cable, antenna and tower systems providing total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, has announced the availability of its new lithium-ion battery solution using NMC technology. The batteries can be used at RAN/C-RAN sites to ensure RRH operation and network availability during power grid outages; at independent, self-sustaining sites sourced by renewable energies; and for powering of temporary sites without connectivity to a power grid or fuel generators.
The modular RFS battery solution includes battery cells, a charging circuit, algorithm, and software for remote access. It can be used in many different scenarios requiring stable performance in high working temperatures, for example, an un-air-conditioned outdoor cabinet and remote monitoring management.
RFS compact, eco-friendly Li-ion batteries reduce volume by up to 50 percent and installation weight by 20 percent over traditional acid batteries, while increasing capacity and eliminating the need for additional cooling to maintain operational temperatures.
This evolution from acid to Li-ion batteries supports CAPEX and OPEX savings in RAN and C-RAN network deployments by reducing space requirements and rent cost, lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint, and improving safety and monitoring management, said Dietmar Brunsch, chief engineer / product manager ISR, RFS. The addition of the new battery supports our broader global strategy to provide a comprehensive product portfolio including CPRI panels, power cables, fiber jumpers, DC wires and more that meet all of our mobile network customers needs.
The easy-to-install batteries are designed for a 19 inch rack and feature a Battery Management System (BMS) for remote access to battery parameters and hot plugging functionality, allowing for upgrades without requiring shutting down the site.
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