Product description:

Real capacity & Long lifetime: Hixon 850mAh 9V rechargeable battery is one of the most cost-effective batteries at present. The energy of 1pc Hixon 9V battery can equal 710pcs 600mAh 9V alkaline batteries at least and can last 20% longer than other batteries.

Safety & Top High Performance: Hixon 9v Batteries are built with smart protection and CE, RoHS, MSDS Certified, 100% brand new and high quality! It is recommended to  fully charge the batteries before the first use,it may reach top performance after 3 cycles of full charge and discharge.

Widely Application: Hixon 9V 850mAh Rechargeable battery is applied for Smoke detectors, fire alarms, multimeters, thermometer, remote transmitter, stud finder, mini photo  printer, vital signs monitor, kids toy and 9v lithium battery enabled devices.

Easy to be used anywhere: The charger has 4 independent charging channels with independent LED lights to show when each 9V battery rechargeable is charging or fully charged.

Standard 9V batteries, charging is very fast, 850mAh high capacity, the battery cycle life can reach 2000 times.High-power load capacity, the battery can reach 2.3A discharge capacity, which is convenient for high-intensity electrical appliances.

The standard voltage of Other brands' 9V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries is 8.2V-8.4V. Our 9V Li-ion battery contains 2 high-quality batteries(per cell voltage is 4.35V), standard voltage is 8.4V-8.7V