【3500mWh High-Capacity】:Hixon J818 model rechargeable aa lithium batteries have 3500mWh(2333mAh) energy,and it only need 2hours to be full charged,save half time compared with traditional Ni-MH batteries.

【Constant 1.5V Output】:These1.5V rechargeable AA batteries are far superior in voltage retention compared with traditional NiMH rechargeable battery. The voltage of Hixon aa lithium-ion batteries is constant 1.5V, from 100% to 0% electric capacity can provide best performance in heavy load discharge and the users feels a fresh battery all the time during use

【High Quality】: Our AA rechargeable battery with a high-power cell with fully intelligent control IC chip, making it more reliable to use. The cycle time is more than 1600 times, one double aa rechargeable battery is equivalent to 1600 disposable batteries(Note: The data is testing by Hixon).

【Individual-Channel Charger】:DC 5V/2A input,DC 5V/0.5A output to each channel.Hixon aa rechargeable battery charger can charge 1-4 pcs Hixon AA or AAA batteries at same time,no need charge in paired,which channel full charged ,take our for use first.

【More Durable】: The most prominent feature of our Double AA lithium battery is low self-discharge, is about 0.03% per month, which is less than 1/100 of Ni-MH batteries.The weight is about 19g, is 20% lower than Ni-MH batteries.