【1100mWh AAA Rechargeable Batteries】: Hixon rechargeable AAA batteries have an amazing 1100mWh capacity,37.5% higher energy than 800mWh AAA batteries in the market,and this AAA lithium batteries can be fully recharged 1500 cycles, friendly to environment.

【Constant 1.5V AAA Lithium Batteries】: Hixon 1.5V rechargeable AAA batteries are far superior in voltage retention compared with traditional NiMH rechargeable battery. Constant 1.5V li-ion AAA battery can provide best performance in heavy load discharge and the users feel a fresh battery all the time during use

【Potable USB C Charger,2H Fast Charge&Great Performance】: This Triple AAA batteries only need about 2 hours to be fully charged,much faster than traditional Ni-MH rechargeable batteries which need 8 hours . And this 1.5v AAA rechargeable li-ion batteries are designed to provide reliable energy for high power demand devices such as radios, flashlights, remotes, game pads and so on.(Can't use for camera flash)